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Monthly archive: January 2007

31 January 2007

UK: Child consent and the law

This article discusses the lack of clarity in the law governing consent for children.

26 January 2007

UK: Teenagers not ‘irresponsible’ about contraception

A study in the BJOG has dismissed the perception that teenage girls with unwanted pregnancies have been less careful about contraception than older women.

24 January 2007

UK Life League activist in free speech row

An anti-abortion campaigner is claiming her human rights were breached when she was convicted for sending pictures of aborted fetuses to chemists.

23 January 2007

India: Two doses of misoprostol

The objective of this study was to determine if a repeat dose of misoprostol following mifepristone or a single dose of misoprostol increases the efficacy of medical termination of pregnancy.

22 January 2007

Long waiting times for abortion persist

Women are having to wait up to seven weeks for an abortion in some parts of the country, reports the BBC.

22 January 2007

Is there a Post-Abortion Syndrome?

A cover story for the New York Times Magazine looks at the discussion of post-abortion trauma in the USA.

19 January 2007

USA: Provider practice models for and costs of delivering medical abortion

This study provides descriptive data on the diverse medication abortion practice models currently being utilised by US health care providers and the costs associated with the components of those models.

17 January 2007

Hospital trust says sorry over abortion pill withdrawal

The Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust has apologised for temporarily denying women one form of abortion.

12 January 2007

Italy: Patients’ obstetric history in mid-trimester termination of pregnancy with gemeprost

This study set out to investigate the importance of previous obstetric history for termination of pregnancy in the second-trimester with gemeprost alone.

11 January 2007

WHO: Abortion done by mid-level providers in South Africa and Vietnam

The authors assessed whether the safety of first-trimester manual vacuum aspiration abortion done by health-care providers who are not doctors is equivalent to that of procedures done by doctors.