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Monthly archive: December 2006

14 December 2006

Women urged to keep emergency contraceptive pill at home ‘just in case’

bpas on 14 December launched a new campaign urging women to keep the emergency contraceptive pill ready at home, in case they risk pregnancy.

14 December 2006

Tory MP to publish new abortion bill

Nadine Dorries has said she will publish a new version of her bill to reduce the time limit for abortions, which would lower the limit to 20 weeks from the current 24 weeks.

12 December 2006

UK: Teenage pregnancy and abortion

This study aimed to quantify the change in the number of conceptions and abortions among women under 18 in England in relation to the government's national teenage pregnancy strategy.

11 December 2006

France: Downs syndrome and socioeconomic disparities

The authors assessed socioeconomic differences in probabilities of prenatal diagnoses of Downs syndrome and continuation of pregnancies after such diagnoses.

8 December 2006

USA: Unsafe abortions in developing countries

This article estimates the rate and numbers of hospital admissions resulting from unsafe abortions in developing countries.

8 December 2006

Event: Marie Stopes International

On 23-24 October 2007, Marie Stopes International, in association with Ipas and Abortion Rights, will hold an International Global Conference on Safe Abortion in London.

7 December 2006

USA: New abortion data

A total of 848,163 legal induced abortions were reported for 2003, representing a 0.7% decline from 2002.

1 December 2006

Portugal: Date set for abortion vote

The country's predominantly Roman Catholic population will vote on whether to legalise abortion on 11 February 2008.

1 December 2006

Brook training and conferences

Brook runs training programmes for professionals, and holds conferences at least three times a year.

1 December 2006

‘Two doctor’ rule hits the headlines

The UK media responds to the Ipsos Mori poll on attitudes to abortion.