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Monthly archive: February 2006

17 February 2006

UK study into home abortion finds signs of success

A pilot study into whether women could have abortions at home, backed by the Department of Health, has shown early signs of success.

17 February 2006

Australia: Health minister stripped of control of abortion pill

The Australian parliament has taken away regulatory control of the abortion drug RU486 from the country's conservative health minister, in a move set to end an effective nationwide ban on the drug.

10 February 2006

UK pledges £3m to abortion organisations

The UK is to give £3m to organisations that, under the ‘global gag’ rule, are denied US aid for providing safe abortions in developing countries.

3 February 2006

Norway: Oral versus vaginal misoprostol at home

The study compared the impact of 400 mug oral versus self-administered vaginal misoprostol at home on pre-operative cervical priming in both primigravid and multigravid women prior to first trimester surgical abortion.