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Monthly archive: December 2005

30 December 2005

Mexico: Isosorbide dinitrate in women with missed abortions

The study’s objective was to determine the therapeutic efficacy and safety of a nitric oxide (NO) isosorbide dinitrate donor to induce cervical ripening of women with missed abortions before surgical evacuation of the uterus.

30 December 2005

Study claims abortion causes long-term distress

An abortion can cause five years of mental anguish, anxiety, guilt and even shame, a BMC Medicine study has claimed.

9 December 2005

Survivor of failed termination addresses parliamentary meeting

A 28-year-old American-born survivor of a failed abortion procedure came to London to lend her voice to the anti-abortion group 'Alive and Kicking'.

9 December 2005

Mother seeks compensation for failed termination

A mother is hoping to win £250,000 in compensation after her twin daughter survived an abortion four years ago.