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13 November 2006

Government launches new condom campaign

A £4m campaign by the UK government urges young adults to carry condoms when they are out 'on the pull'.


17 June 2015

Abortion: Trusting women to decide, and doctors to practise

This new BPAS publication lays out the case for why we need to re-think Britain's abortion law.

10 November 2006

Hong Kong: Use of nitrous oxide (N2O) and oxygen for pain relief

This prospective study assessed the role of a 50:50 mixture of nitrous oxide (N2O) and oxygen for pain relief during the termination of first trimester pregnancies by suction evacuation under conscious sedation.

10 November 2006

USA: Referendum rejects South Dakota ban

In a high-profile state referendum taking place alongside the US polls, voters in South Dakota rejected a near-total ban on abortion.

10 November 2006

Israel: Misoprostol and mifepristone following early pregnancy failure

The study's objective was to compare the effectiveness and safety of misoprostol and mifepristone for the treatment of women with early pregnancy failure.

10 November 2006

Some abortion messages can’t be massaged

We should remember the principles at stake in the abortion debate, argues Ann Furedi, Chief Executive of bpas.

7 November 2006

C. sordellii infections and medical abortion

A study gives some perspective on the deaths of five women in North America following mifepristone-induced abortion.

7 November 2006

RCOG ethics paper hits the headlines

A submission by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) to a consultation on 'Critical care decisions in fetal and neonatal medicine' resulted in the Sunday Times headline 'Doctors: let us kill disabled babies'.

6 November 2006

The ‘preventable pandemic’ of unsafe abortion

When abortion is made legal, safe and easily accessible, women's health rapidly improves, according to the Lancet’s new series on sexual and reproductive health.

1 November 2006

MP’s time limit bill rejected

Members of Parliament on 31 October voted against a bill calling for the legal time limit for abortions to be cut from 24 weeks to 21 weeks.

30 October 2006

Doctors’ letter sparks debate over abortion and mental health

In a letter to The Times (London) on 27 October, 15 senior obstetricians and psychiatrists claimed that women who have abortions are risking depression and other mental illness and should be told of the dangers.

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